Freelancing Tips

Top Payment Solutions for Freelancers and Clients in 2024

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Freelancing Tips

Top Payment Solutions for Freelancers and Clients in 2024

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Freelancing Tips

Top Payment Solutions for Freelancers and Clients in 2024

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As the world of work becomes increasingly global, clients and creative freelancers alike are seeking efficient, reliable, and cost-effective payment alternatives to facilitate collaborations. Gone are the days of transacting on Upwork or Fiverr as freelancers find themselves squished and have to cut as high as a 20% off their earnings. Clients are also drowned in the number of options and it can be hard to filter for the right talent.

Both prefer to look directly in their network to look for work collaboration whether on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter. This forces freelancers and clients to find payment systems that are flexible, cost-effective, and secured.

For freelancers and their clients, choosing the right payment solution is paramount. It involves considering several vital factors to ensure that the platform serves their unique needs effectively. These factors include:

  • Processing time of payments, which can significantly impact cash flow;

  • Transaction fees, which can affect overall earnings and expenses;

  • Global availability, ensuring that both parties can access and use the platform;

  • Currencies supported, which is crucial for dealing with international clients;

  • Payment methods accepted, offering flexibility to all parties involved

Amidst these considerations, blockchain technology emerges as a revolutionary force, heralding a new era in the way we think about and handle cross-border payments.

The information compiled here is the result of dozens of interviews conducted with creatives from Buenos Aires to Dubai as well as online research. Below we discuss the 9 best payment methods for creatives, including: PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Xoom, Wise, Stripe, Wire Transfer, Blockchain Payment and Sorbet.

A stalwart in the online payment space, PayPal caters to freelancers with its comprehensive services and extensive reach, making it a convenient option for international clients. The service has also been around for a long time and has the trust of users worldwide.

Key Features

  • Trusted platform worldwide

  • Multiple withdrawal methods

  • Invoice management


  • Widely accepted and trusted globally

  • Quick transaction process

  • Payments via email


  • Relatively higher fees can eat into earnings (4.4% for international)

  • Occasional account holds can disrupt cash flow

  • Cross-border fees may increase costs for clients

  • Complex fee structure (lots of hidden fees)

Payoneer is a global payment solution that serves freelancers with its simplicity and efficiency, especially appealing to those conducting business in multiple currencies.

Key Features

  • Cross-border payments in multiple currencies

  • Request a Payment feature for invoicing

  • Extensive country and currency coverage


  • Speedy and reliable payment system

  • Free transfers between Payoneer accounts in select currencies

  • Accessible in over 200 countries


  • 2% withdrawal fee and conversion fees may be a concern

  • Delays to get money from Payoneer to your bank account

  • MasterCard charges are very high

Skrill is favored for its competitive fees and is a good choice for freelancers and clients who prioritize cost-effectiveness in international transfers. Skrill imposes a higher processing fee for withdrawing funds, at $5.50, which is significantly more than other available options.

Key Features

  • Low-cost international money transfers

  • Email-based transactions

  • Supports credit card transactions


  • Attractive rates for currency conversion (exchange rate is 3.99%)

  • Strong security measures and fraud prevention

  • Ability to handle multiple currencies in one account


  • May not provide instant access to funds

  • The verification process can be slow

  • Service support can be limited

  • No escrow feature for safeguarding payments

Xoom, powered by PayPal, provides a straightforward payment service with competitive fees, suitable for freelancers and clients looking for quick international transactions.

Key Features

  • Simple & transparent fee structure

  • Expedited transfer services


  • Fast settlement can benefit cash flow

  • No hidden costs to surprise clients

  • Often used for sending money from the U.S. to in Latin America, Asia, and Africa


  • Lack of escrow might deter those seeking payment security

  • Tiered fees may be off-putting for smaller transfers

  • Limited to certain countries and currencies

Wise (formerly TransferWise) is lauded for its transparent pricing and real exchange rates, making it an attractive option for freelancers and clients mindful of cost savings.

Key Features

  • True mid-market exchange rates

  • Low and transparent fees (1-3%)


  • No markup on the exchange rate saves money

  • Clear fee structure aids budgeting


  • Absence of escrow services may raise concerns over payment security

  • Longer settlement times could be a drawback for time-sensitive projects

Stripe has quickly become a preferred payment platform for freelancers, especially those involved in eCommerce, subscription services, and the gig economy due to its versatility and international transaction capabilities.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive invoicing from the dashboard

  • Integrated financial reporting tools

  • Supports various payment types including ACH and wire transfers


  • Streamlined service for a range of business models

  • All-in-one financial management

  • Reasonable charges for ACH transactions


  • Fees per transaction can be higher, impacting profit margins

  • No escrow system for milestone-based project security

  • Fee structure may be less competitive for low-volume transactions

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are traditional yet powerful, offering secure and swift transactions that can be ideal for freelancers dealing with domestic clients. The charges depend widely on the location.

Key Features

  • Direct bank-to-bank transactions

  • Fast processing for domestic transfers


  • Renowned for security and speed

  • Suitable for large-sum transfers


  • Non-reversible, requiring trust between parties

  • Economic inefficiency for frequent, low-value transactions

Blockchain Payments

Blockchain payments are gaining traction among freelancers and clients alike, thanks to their secure, decentralized nature and their facilitation of direct international transactions without traditional financial intermediaries.

Key Features

  • Decentralized transaction system

  • Enhanced security through cryptography

  • Ability to handle cross-border payments with minimal fees


  • Very low transaction costs compared to traditional banking

  • Fast and transparent settlement of payments

  • No need for third-party verification


  • Volatility of cryptocurrency values can introduce risk

  • The learning curve for new users unfamiliar with blockchain technology

  • Lack of widespread acceptance in all business sectors

Some of pain points remaining around the mainstream adoption of blockchain-based payment are around the user experience, which often involves a steep learning curve for those not already well-versed in the technology. Others include:

  • Security Responsibilities: Users are solely responsible for their wallet's security, with no recourse if keys are lost or passwords are forgotten.

  • Understanding of Cryptography: Users must manage public and private keys, adding a layer of complexity to transactions.

  • Cryptocurrency to Fiat Conversion: The process of converting digital currency to traditional money can be indirect and requires additional verification steps.

  • Limited Merchant Acceptance: There's still a lack of widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions and expenses.

While these pain points present significant barriers to the mainstream adoption of blockchain for payments, platforms like Sorbet are paving the way for a seamless transition.

By leveraging web3 infrastructure, Sorbet offers the security and efficiency of blockchain technology while providing a user experience that rivals conventional financial services.

Sorbet - The benefits of blockchain without the technical headache

Sorbet is not just another payment solution. The mission to create an experience putting creatives at the center to empower clients in their network. By working with Circle’s USDC we are significantly innovating in the payment landscape for seamless international payments.

With a fixed 2.5% client fee and no hidden charges, Sorbet's escrow system and instant settlement time, supporting both fiat and crypto, make it a top contender. For freelancers, it translates into quicker payments and more financial stability. Furthermore, the transparency of blockchain provides an additional layer of security and trust for both parties. We are building Sorbet on the NEAR blockchain, which is a user-friendly and carbon-neutral blockchain, built for mass adoption by making the user experience as easy as existing Web2 applications.

"USDC is a digital dollar backed 100% by highly liquid cash and cash-equivalent assets and is always redeemable 1:1 for US dollars”

Here's how Sorbet abstracts the blockchain layer from the user experience, focusing on the integration of key features from Circle and NEAR:

  • Instant Transactions: When you send money with Sorbet, it arrives instantly, like sending an email. Behind the scenes, Sorbet handles all the complex technology, so you don't have to.

  • Secure Like a Vault: Sorbet uses advanced security technology, similar to what banks use, but it's built for the blockchain.

  • Circle's Smart System: Circle helps Sorbet make it easy for you to use your regular money (like dollars) on the internet. It's like exchanging your money into a digital form that's easy to send and receive.

  • User-Friendly Account Model: Incorporates NEAR's human-readable account names, which replaces the complexity of cryptographic wallet addresses with simple identifiers.

  • NEAR's Efficient Network: NEAR provides a super-efficient way for Sorbet to process transactions. It's a kind of technology that allows for quick and cheap transfers, meaning it costs very little to send money.

In concluding, Sorbet's vision aligns closely with the needs of both freelancers and clients. By offering a zero freelancer fee model, a secure milestone-based escrow system, and supporting multiple currencies, Sorbet is not only optimizing the payment process but also anticipating the future needs of the freelance market.

Ready to Elevate Your Freelance Game?

Take the next step in your freelance journey with confidence. Sign up for Sorbet's beta today and unlock a world of benefits:

⚡️ Instant Payments: Enjoy the simplicity of instant payments from clients worldwide.

🌟 Keep Every Penny: 0% freelancer fee means more money in your pocket.

🔒 Secure Your Income: Escrow protects your earnings, releasing them after each milestones.

🌻 Exclusive Early Access: Experience the future of freelancing, today.

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Step into the future of freelancing with Sorbet, and be part of a community that's shaping the industry.

Shaping the future of freelancing, one gig at a time 🌐

Maher is a creative dynamo, blending their entrepreneurial savvy with a passion for visual storytelling. With a background in the startup world, Maher has developed a keen eye for spotting opportunities and cultivating communities.

Maher Ayari

Co-Founder & COO

Maher is a creative dynamo, blending their entrepreneurial savvy with a passion for visual storytelling. With a background in the startup world, Maher has developed a keen eye for spotting opportunities and cultivating communities.

Maher Ayari

Co-Founder & COO

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