Future of Freelance

The Benefits of Blockchain Without the Headaches

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Future of Freelance

The Benefits of Blockchain Without the Headaches

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Future of Freelance

The Benefits of Blockchain Without the Headaches

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Blockchain technologies have been around for more than a decade now and we are yet to see mass consumer adoption. Many agree that the user experience in the blockchain ecosystem is typically poor, and that it turns many potential users away. Those users are not to be blamed as it typically requires some understanding of digital wallets, public and private keys, or blockchain nodes.

At Sorbet we are on a mission to integrate the vast capabilities of blockchain into the freelance economy. We are setting up to so by completely abstracting the technical complexity while still providing the benefits of that technology to both freelancers and their clients.

As a blockchain freelance developer myself, I encountered firsthand the myriad of challenges freelancers face—from securing finding clients to navigating the complexities of all the payment solutions out there. Motivated by these challenges, we want to demystify web3 for the creative community, making this revolutionary technology accessible and beneficial for all creatives, irrespective of their tech-savviness.

We would not be able to do all of this on our own and are working closely with Circle and the NEAR Protocol team to build on top of their technology to create the ultimate tool for creative freelancers. Through our participation in the NEAR Horizon 1 Program, we've deepened our expertise in building user-friendly blockchain based experiences and forged a strong alliance with the NEAR team, positioning Sorbet at the forefront of technological innovation. In the article below we aim to explain the core technological components used by Sorbet to empower the next wave of creative freelancers.

Let’s start from the beginning, what is Web3?

Web3 marks a revolutionary departure from the centralized, platform-dominated landscape of Web2, introducing a decentralized, user-driven internet powered by blockchain technology. This evolution brings forth a transformative approach to online interactions, especially in how transactions and payments are handled.

In the Web3 era, creatives like designers and artists can directly monetize their work without intermediaries, thanks to cryptocurrency and smart contracts. These technologies enable secure, transparent, and instant payments, ensuring creators receive their dues without the delays or fees typical of traditional banking systems.

This shift not only accelerates the payment process but also opens up global markets, allowing creatives to transact with anyone, anywhere, without worrying about currency exchange or cross-border restrictions. Web3 embodies a future where the economic value of creativity is recognized and rewarded in real-time, fostering a more sustainable and empowering environment for artists and designers worldwide.

Web3: Empowering Freelancers with Modern Tools

Web3 is not merely a technological evolution; it's a paradigm shift offering freelancers unprecedented control and autonomy over their work. Imagine a world where every creative piece, from digital art to written content, can be indisputably owned, with its provenance and transactions recorded on an immutable blockchain. Web3 enables freelancers to:

  • Leverage Stablecoins for Payments: In the fluctuating world of cryptocurrencies, stablecoins offer a solution for stability. Pegged to stable assets like the US dollar, stablecoins ensure that the value of your earnings doesn't swing wildly with the crypto markets. This means freelancers can enjoy the benefits of instant, global payments characteristic of cryptocurrencies, without the risk of volatility.

  • Engage in Decentralized Marketplaces: Freelancers can directly connect with clients on decentralized platforms, eliminating traditional intermediaries, reducing fees, and fostering a transparent ecosystem where reputation and trust are built on blockchain-verified reviews and transactions.

  • Secure Smart Contract Agreements: Web3 allows for the creation of smart contracts that automatically execute payments upon the completion of agreed-upon milestones, providing freelancers with timely and fair compensation for their work.

"There’s been much debate about the utility of blockchain technology, but it seems clear that stablecoins will be a big part of the future of money." - Brad Flora (YC Combinator, 2024)

NEAR Protocol: A Gateway to Scalable Freelance Solutions

NEAR Protocol is more than a blockchain protocol; it's the backbone of Sorbet's mission to empower freelancers. Its design specifically addresses the scalability and usability challenges of traditional blockchains, making it an ideal choice for Sorbet:

  • User-Friendly Access: Traditional blockchain systems often require users to manage complex keys and addresses, a significant barrier for those not well-versed in the technology. NEAR's approach abstracts these complexities, offering users simple, human-readable account names. This abstraction not only demystifies blockchain technology but also integrates seamlessly with familiar web experiences, making the transition to blockchain-based platforms seamless.

  • Seamless Scalability: NEAR's sharding technology ensures that as Sorbet's community of freelancers grows, the platform can handle an increasing volume of transactions smoothly, keeping the ecosystem efficient and responsive.

  • Fast Auth: It simplifies the authentication process, allowing users to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) on NEAR with ease and speed. It leverages modern cryptographic techniques to enable secure, one-click sign-ins without compromising user security. This allows is client and freelancers to have a swift and hassle-free access to Sorbet to collaborate globally.

  • Eco-Friendly Operations: By utilizing NEAR's proof-of-stake consensus, Sorbet offers an environmentally conscious platform, aligning with the values of many in the creative community.

Circle: Streamlining Financial Operations for Freelancers

Circle transforms the financial landscape for anyone on Sorbet, providing a suite of digital financial tools that redefine the ease and security of managing earnings in the digital age:

  • Efficient Minting with Circle Mint: Sorbet leverages Circle Mint to directly access USDC and EURC, facilitating swift, cost-effective transactions and eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries.

  • Stable and Reliable Transactions: Circle's stablecoin, USDC, offers freelancers a stable financial medium, protecting them from the volatility of traditional cryptocurrencies and ensuring the value of their work is preserved. All the USDC in circulation are also fully backed in reserves.

  • Global Financial Integration: Circle's expansive reach enables freelancers on Sorbet to engage in global projects, transcending geographical barriers and fostering worldwide collaborations.

  • Enhanced Security and Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to international financial regulations, Circle ensures Sorbet is a secure and reliable platform for freelancers, safeguarding their financial interests with advanced security measures.

Paving a New Path for Freelancers with Sorbet

Sorbet is more than a platform; it's a movement to redefine the freelance economy through the power of blockchain and Circle's financial innovations.

We are dedicated to unlocking the potential of web3 for creatives worldwide. By leveraging NEAR's cutting-edge technology and Circle's financial mechanisms, we're committed to creating a secure, transparent, and inclusive ecosystem for freelancers. Whether you're a seasoned Web3 navigator or a newcomer to the blockchain scene, Sorbet ensures that the power of this cutting-edge technology enriches your freelancing career, minus the technical complexities.

The technical underpinnings, though sophisticated, fade into the background, leaving a user experience that's straightforward, empowering, and aligned with the fluid nature of creative work. Imagine a world where securing projects, receiving instant, stable payments, and building a global reputation is not just easy but second nature. This is the world Sorbet is creating. A world where every freelancer, regardless of their familiarity with blockchain, can harness its power to unlock new opportunities, secure fair compensation, and connect with a global community of like-minded creatives.

Join us, and let's build this future together, where the potential of Web3 is unlocked for all, making the technical headache a thing of the past.

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